Regarding all types of contracts, deeds, legal procedures and documents, including affidavits, declarations, powers of attorney, articles of incorporation, minutes of meetings, lawsuits, birth and marriage certificates, bank statements, transcripts, etc.

Translation of training videos

Upstairs Solutions  U.S.A. & Red Vector Care 2 Learn  U.S.A. (see sample in:

Translation of training manuals

Delphinus, Grupo Anderson’s Mexico & U.S.A, Galenia Hospital, Cancun.

Literary translation

In this field, Julie has translated many informational and literary texts, such as: SONAR magazine (Via Delphi Group) Editions 2 and 3; Electronic monthly magazine for sales reps Via Delphi Group (Dolphinus Delphinariums) October to December 2008; Quality in Tourism Destination Services, Sergio E. Gonzalez Rubiera; Riviera Maya – Quintana Roo – Mexico (Photo Book Editorial Kukulkan) Moments: Letters from India, by Gloria Friscione de Jacome Perez (for sale in  Cancun Golf Magazine  issued by Grupo Regio, Cancun; various technical thesis and articles for technical magazines.


Translation of all kind of insurance policies, such as life, car, theft, fire, etc. and lawsuits and court cases related thereto.

Nutrition and Gastronomy

Translation of menus and advertising for the restaurant industry in Cancun: Calenda – Oaxaca, Harry’s Restaurant, Restaurant Porfirio’s, Carlos n’ Charlie’s (Mexico City, New York, Miami).


We have experience translating computer manuals and software/hardware operating instructions, installation and implementation of programs, and all matters related to TI.

Medical, clinical and pharmaceutical

We have extensive experience in translation of documents related to importing surgical equipment, launch and licensing of new drugs, clinical studies relating to health sector research, the quality control process for medicines, etc.

Tourism and Hospitality

Copywriting and / or translation of web pages, as well as translation of brochures and all pertinent documents for the most prestigious hotels and resorts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.